Many property owners are interested in biological pest control or finding “natural” ways to discourage rodents from entering their homes. Getting domestic animals that control pests is one solution that can help make your home less appealing to mice and rats.

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The Best Pest Control Animals

The best animals to target problem rodents include:

Cats: Cats traditionally hunt mice. Some cats enjoy hunting and will also chase houseflies and other smaller animals and insects in the home.


Dogs: Do dogs deter rats? People have used certain dog breeds for pest control for hundreds of years. For example, Jack Russells and other terriers often hunt down and eliminate rats.


Pet falcons: Falcons prey on rats, mice and other rodents. However, extensive training, costly classes, and subsequent licensing are required to keep a falcon as a pet in your area.






Barn owls: Owls are highly effective mouse hunters and will return to your property over many seasons if the hunting is reliable.


The Challenges of Using Animals for Wildlife Control

Pets can present unique challenges if you want to use them for wildlife control. Animals are not professionals, so you may find yourself with a lovable cat or terrier with no interest in the rodents on your property. Additionally, pets can catch fleas, ticks or diseases from their prey or get injured during the hunt, leaving you with another problem to face.

What Pets Can’t Do

While pets provide companionship and some will hunt individual rodents that get into your home, there are many things pets and animals can’t do. They can’t deal with a large infestation, seal up animal entries to prevent more rodents from getting in or clean up the mess mice and rats leave behind.

Fortunately, the professionals at Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC can handle everything your pet can’t. Our Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal team consists of professionals who have biology or related degrees and extensive training.

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We understand how to remove wildlife from your property. Our exclusion and repair services prevent more pests from getting in while repairing the damage animal entries have made.  Our wildlife cleanup and sanitization services decontaminate your space, removing droppings, affected insulation and even ectoparasites such as mites, ticks or fleas that rodents may have brought into your home.

If you want effective, long-term pest control solutions that bring true peace of mind, contact Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal for effective and fast nuisance rodent removal.

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