Wildlife Management, Trapping and Removal

Urban Jungle Wildlife Biologists will professionally trap and remove nuisance animals and wildlife in a timely and safe manner. Our top concern is for the safety and wellbeing of you, your home and your property.

Exclusion and Repairs

Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal offers exclusion and repairs of your residence or other commercial property to prevent animals and wildlife from returning and re-entering. We will also reinforce potential weak points to provide long term results and to better protect you and your property.

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Clean and Sanitation Treatment

Wildlife and other pests can leave a mess and often will defecate in and around your home and commercial properties. Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal offers premier wildlife cleanup and disinfectant treatments that protect you and your family from many of the diseases that may be carried by the animals and their droppings.

Dead Animal Removal

Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal Biologists are experienced in locating and removing dead animals from your home, commercial building and/or around your property. We also use industrial deodorizers to help alleviate the smells and odors.

Insulation Removal and Replacement

Wildlife activity in your attic will reduce the effectiveness of the insulation in your home. The Urban Jungle wildlife team can help with possible cleanup of contaminated and/or damaged insulation and we can install additional insulation to ensure home is energy efficient.

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