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    Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC provides professional services to remove wildlife and pests from your home, business or property. Our experienced team is available even on short notice to eliminate wildlife or pests disrupting your daily life.

    Most people aren’t sure what to do when confronted by wildlife in their yards, homes or offices. You may see a rat scurrying across your garage, a raccoon on your roof, or a groundhog digging through your garden. You don’t have the tools to deal with the animal yourself, so let us do the hard part for you. Our highly-trained team of Wildlife Biologists knows how to remove wildlife from your property and how to prevent them from coming back.

    Finding wildlife or pests near you can be frightening. Our services give you peace of mind and a welcome relief after worrying about potential damage to your home.

    What Local Wildlife Removal Services Does Urban Jungle Offer?

    We want to protect you and your home or business from the hassle and health hazards posed by wildlife and pests. During each job, our focus remains on keeping you safe and preserving your home’s value by identifying and repairing any damage caused by pests or wildlife.

    Our services include:

    • Trapping and removing wildlife and pests.
    • Treating issues caused by wildlife and pests.
    • Preventing future problems with wildlife and pests.
    • Cleaning and sanitizing your property to ensure your safety.
    • Insulating your attic following animal removal.

    Trust an Outstanding, Dedicated Team

    When you have wildlife on your property, you need someone you can trust to handle the problem. Our educated team has devoted years to learning about wildlife and training in its removal. Everyone we employ has at least a bachelor’s degree in biology or another related field. We teach everyone to exclude, seal or repair homes so animals can’t reenter, and we perform background checks on every hire.

    Receive a Minimum One-Year Warranty

    One of the many benefits of selecting our services is getting a minimum one-year warranty on exclusion for most nuisance wildlife if everything is sealed through our wildlife exclusion services. You can also purchase additional years of warranties. You can feel confident that the animal will be out of your property, home or office by the end of our process.

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