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When an animal encroaches on your property or tries to make your house or office its residence, you have options. Our Boerne wildlife removal services are an EFFICIENT, LONG-TERM AND WARRANTIED solution designed to eliminate wildlife on your property.

Call the Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal team and we’ll start the process to help you keep animals native to the region where they belong.

What Are the Most Common Types of Wildlife in Boerne?

Many types of animals are indigenous to expansive Boerne Hill Country in Texas. These include BATS, RACCOONS, SQUIRRELS, RATS, MICE, BIRDS, SNAKES AND OPOSSUMS.

In their natural habitats, these creatures can be fascinating to study or, when safe, photograph. However, none of them belong in your crawl space, attic or living areas. After all, they tend to cause property damage that you might not see at first but will notice later.

With that being said, you shouldn’t take it upon yourself to “evict” unwanted wildlife. Leave that to the trained, credentialed experts from Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal.

Wildlife Removal Services Available

Every situation of wildlife encroachment upon human property is different. That’s why we offer VARIOUS WILDLIFE REMOVAL AND WILDLIFE CONTROL SERVICES.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

It’s a common misconception that trapping an unwanted animal only requires a single visit. More often, trapping requires an average of two weeks. After setting traps, we check them every couple of days. Even after trapping one animal, we keep traps active to ensure your problem is solved. Frequently, more than one kind of wildlife uses the same entry point to access a safe, dry or otherwise attractive space.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

To help you avoid future problems with wildlife, we spend time determining how animals, birds and other creatures are getting into your property.  Afterward, we will make recommendations regarding the best ways to seal holes and repair damage caused by wildlife or to prevent re-entry. We are insured to make repairs and exclude your home ourselves, so you will not have to contact a general contractor. This exclusion process can take several days. We will let you know if you need damage repair from another provider, such as an electrician, plumber, or your HVAC service company.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

You want your home or building to be as free from animal waste and disease as possible, including in places you rarely go, like your attic or crawl space. At Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal, we will create a customized cleanup plan. After all wildlife has been trapped and removed and the exclusion process is complete, we can work on restoring the integrity of your property.

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Pick a Wildlife Removal and Control Company You Can Trust

When you need wildlife removal services in Boerne, be sure to partner with a leader like Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal. We offer a one-year warranty on most of our services and have a team of employees with degrees in biology or related fields. Give us a call at (833) 732-0439 or send us an online message.

Together, we can make sure the area’s wildlife stays where it belongs and your real estate investment remains safe and protected from curious creatures.