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Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal is the premier wildlife removal company servicing Texas. We’re dedicated to helping you find long-term solutions to your home or business’ wildlife nuisance problems.

Our team is made up of college-educated wildlife biologists who understand animals and how they operate. Each team member is thoroughly trained to provide all of our services safely and quickly. We’re fully insured, which allows us to go the extra mile. Our wildlife biologists aren’t afraid to crawl into small spaces and go where the animals go.

Though we started in “The Bayou City,” aka Houston, we now serve San Antonio and Austin and their surrounding areas.

If you’re searching for wildlife removal solutions in Texas we’ve got you covered!

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Damages From Uninvited Guests

If you’ve ever had an animal enter your property uninvited, you know just how much damage they can cause. They can destroy insulation, wiring, HVAC and other parts of your construction, as well as your possessions. 

Some of the damage can cause further structural problems for your home or business over time. These animals may even cause additional damage on their way in and out, exposing you to more invasions.

On top of the destruction, nuisance wildlife can also pose the risk of disease to you, your family, your employees or your customers. Animals can carry various diseases, and exposure to them, their fecal material and anything they may bring in with them could make people sick with illnesses like rabies and leptospirosis. 

Protect your property and the people you care about with Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal Services.

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Wildlife Removal, Exclusion and Repair Services

At Urban Jungle, our goal is to give you the best service possible while providing long-term solutions to your animal nuisance problems. We know that every wildlife animal nuisance is different, so we customize our services to fit each client’s needs. 

Keep in mind that we are not a quick-fix solution. Our goal is to completely solve your wildlife problem going forward. This means, removal and future prevention. We’ll begin with an inspection to evaluate your wildlife problem, and we won’t stop until the problem has been eliminated and a solution is in place to prevent the animal from reentering. 

Our three primary services are trapping and removal, exclusion and repair, and cleanup, sanitation and insulation installation.

Trapping and Removal

When there’s nuisance wildlife in your home or business, the first thing you want to do is get it out. Our wildlife biologists know how animals think and act, and we’ll know the best methods for trapping and removal.

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Exclusion and Repair

We’re more than just a wildlife trapping company. Once your uninvited guest has been removed, our team will work to exclude them from your home moving forward. This service includes repairing any damages or sealing any possible entry points that animals may use to get in again.

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Cleanup, Sanitation and Insulation Install

After the animal has been removed and your structure has been sealed up, someone will have to address the mess. Our team is trained to sanitize, repair and replace most damages caused by wild animals in your home or business — and if there are issues we can’t fix, like damage to your plumbing or electrical systems, we’ll let you know so you can get them taken care of.

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Wildlife Removal Company Serving Texas

At Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal, we’re prepared to find the best long-term solution to your pest problems. We’re so confident in our work that we offer a year-long warranty on any exclusions, sealing and repairs we have completed. 

We know what it takes to remove and exclude wildlife from your home or business, and we’ll take care of it for you. At the beginning of your service, you’ll be assigned a project manager who will see you through every step of the wildlife removal service from start to finish.

If you have a nuisance wildlife problem and would like more information about how we can help you, please contact us online or give us a call at (833) 732-0439.

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