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Raccoon removal

Noticing strange activity in your attic, basement or behind walls? There’s a good chance unwanted visitors are getting comfortable in your home — diverse wildlife species seen across Texas have unique ways of getting in.

Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal is the go-to wildlife removal company serving Houston, San Antonio, Austin and the surrounding areas. Our team consists of specialists with biology-related degrees to locate and mitigate your wildlife problem. Count on us to put you back in control of your residential or commercial property.

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Convenient Wildlife Control Services for Homes and Businesses

We’re a wildlife removal company focusing on commonly seen critters and reptiles in Texas.

Rely on Urban Jungle to locate and mitigate populations of animals such as armadillos, bats, raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, birds, snakes, opossums, moles and ringtail cats for your peace of mind.

Opossum removal


Animal Trapping and Removal Services in Texas

We’ll inspect your home or business for wildlife activity. Our team has experience trapping and removing critters from attics, crawl spaces, roofs and behind walls. We’ll show up for the job with our own traps, and we’ll check back routinely to monitor progress and get unwanted visitors out.

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Efficient Exclusion and Repair Services

Urban Jungle’s exclusion and repair services are effective in stopping wildlife from using your residential or commercial space as a source of food, water and shelter. Trust us to reinforce small holes in walls, floors and ceilings and let you know when specialized repairs are necessary.

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A Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation Company

Let us take care of the messes critters leave behind. From clearing out droppings and nests to removing dead animals from your home or workplace, few businesses are on your side like Urban Jungle.

We’ll wipe out harmful bacteria from surfaces, reduce unpleasant odors, stop the growth of mold and treat ectoparasites to keep your environment safe and comfortable.

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Insulation Replacement Services

Mice and rats have no problem chewing through insulation. Raccoon feces and bat guano can heavily contaminate insulation. Have the team at Urban Jungle assess the damage and install new insulation in your residential attic. Keep indoor temperatures consistent after we trap and remove pests.

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Armadillo removal


Offering a Generous Warranty

At Urban Jungle, we stand by the work we complete. That’s why we offer a one-year warranty on the exclusions, sealing jobs and repairs we perform to control wildlife and pest numbers.

A Wide Service Area in Texas

Our professionals work with homeowners and businesses throughout Texas. We serve Houston, San Antonio, Austin and other nearby areas for the ultimate convenience. Leave your wildlife removal job in the right hands.

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