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FAIR OAKS RANCH IS KNOWN FOR ITS TREE-LINED CREEKS, ROLLING HILLS AND VALLEYS. Many residents ride horseback or bike through Arbor Preserve’s 72 acres. While families enjoy the trails and parks, animals and pests from these areas can sometimes enter your home. If they do, trust Urban Jungle’s team of specialists for residential and commercial wildlife control.

Common Wildlife in FAir Oaks Ranch

Many of the trails in Fair Oak Ranch and the surrounding San Antonio areas include waterways to creeks, basins or river habitats. Texan nature parks contain grasslands and rocky terrain, and oak trees shade the pathways. Common wildlife local to the area includes:

  • MICE
  • RATS
  • BATS

If you find these animals and pests in your home, contact Urban Jungle for local wildlife removal.  

Wildlife Removal Services

Urban Jungle employees receive a background check at the time of hiring, and all have college degrees in biology or related fields. We truly understand animals. Every employee knows how to handle, trap, remove or treat wildlife and pests local to the area. Our specialists also perform RESEALING, EXCLUSION AND HOME REPAIRING SERVICES TO PREVENT ANIMAL REENTRY. Our general liability and worker’s comp insurance allows us to reach all of your home’s nooks and crannies. We go where the animals go.

We offer three main stages of wildlife services:

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

A specialist performs an inspection to assess where wildlife is present and how the animals entered your property. After determining pest or animal entry points, we set traps or valves. While traps are designed to capture wildlife, a one-way valve prevents animal reentry while releasing the wildlife from your home.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

Our employees seal or otherwise exclude openings such as vents, crawl spaces, holes and access points during exclusion. We also repair damage caused by animals.  We’ll make you aware of any other plumbing, electrical, ductwork and HVAC services needed so you can take the appropriate steps. 

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

We’ll follow through with cleanup and sanitization following wildlife removal. Attic cleanups typically involve removing contaminated insulation and animal waste. We also chemically sanitize the area and treat it for ectoparasites such as fleas, ticks and mites. This process may involve installing new insulation to ensure your home remains cool during the hot Texas summers.

Some services require reoccurring monthly or bimonthly treatments for long-term solutions. For example, we offer repeated preventive services for moles, armadillos, snakes and rodents. Some of the factors affecting the timeline and cost of service include the target animal, extent of the situation and number of home access points. We don’t charge per visit or animal, and if trapping and removing animals from your home takes longer than expected, the price does not change.

Contact uRBAN jUNGLE for Wildlife Services in Fair Oaks Ranch tODAY

Work with the best Fair Oaks Ranch wildlife removal company when uninvited animals settle in. Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal serves Bexar, Kendall and Comal Counties. One team member will work with you from start to finish to restore the health and safety of your home.

To schedule local wildlife removal or prevention with Urban Jungle, contact our team online or call us at 210-418-1021. We’re here to answer your wildlife service questions and set up an inspection.