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THE RIVER OAKS COMMUNITY IS OVERFLOWING WITH FARMERS’ MARKETS, MUSEUMS, THEATERS AND EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES. The pleasant weather and proximity to Houston make this area appealing to residents searching for fun nightlife or a short commute to work.

However, River Oaks attracts more than young professionals and families. You can expect to see a fair share of animals near residential and commercial districts. Give Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC a call when an infestation gets out of hand. We offer local wildlife removal, structural repair and sanitation services for your safety and peace of mind.


With nearby water sources and plenty of green spaces, River Oaks is a popular place for rodents, reptiles and small critters to thrive. You can easily find OPOSSUMS, RACCOONS, BATS, SQUIRRELS, RATS, MICE and SNAKES in this area without much searching. That’s why reliable animal removal services for your home or office in River Oaks may be necessary at some point.

Wildlife Removal Services for River Oaks Residents

We understand that every wildlife infestation in our service area is unique. Urban Jungle takes a careful approach to each problem with a multi-step process for your home or commercial building. Talk to our experts about how we’ll KEEP ANIMALS OUT OF YOUR SPACE PERMANENTLY with the following services for property owners year-round.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Trapping and removing wildlife from residential and commercial spaces is a quick job with Urban Jungle. Our staff consists of trained wildlife biologists who know where rodents, reptiles and other critters like to live and hunt for resources. We’ll finish an in-person inspection of your property, position traps and check back with you over the course of one to two weeks to get wildlife out of your hair.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

Part of eliminating an infestation is learning how animals enter your space. We focus on excluding wildlife from your property in River Oaks and preventing critters from reentering your home or office. We’ll seal animal access points, fix indoor damages and reinforce problem areas so that wildlife stays away.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

Wildlife infestations pose a serious health hazard to your family members or coworkers. In addition to creating messes, animals in River Oaks contaminate surfaces with diseases and parasites. Choose Urban Jungle for wildlife sanitation and cleanup services since we get rid of urine, droppings and tracks that leave odors or cause the structural components of your home or office to deteriorate prematurely.

Work With Urban Jungle for Residential and Commercial Wildlife Control Services

When you trust Urban Jungle to handle your infestation, you’ll get college-educated professionals to take care of trapping and removal services in River Oaks. We pay close attention to detail during every visit to track our progress and ensure we solve your problem completely.

We’re a fully insured wildlife removal company that goes the extra mile for our customers. Whether you have animals in a crawlspace or behind walls, we work hard to put you back in control. Contact our team today to see how we can help you!