If you need a long-term solution to keep unwanted animals off your residential or commercial property, Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC has you covered. Our team knows the best methods for trapping and removal, ensuring all creatures, from mice to moles, rats to raccoons, and birds to bats leave your property and stay away.

Available Services

We specialize in mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and more. Whether you’re dealing with bats flying around in your attic or rats and mice wreaking havoc on your pantry, we can help.

Our three primary services are:

  • Trapping and Removal: Our team offers tailored trapping and removal services depending on the type of situation you’re dealing with. Once the animal(s) are gone, we’ll apply preventive measures to keep them away.
  • Exclusion and repair: Dealing with a wildlife problem? We’ll access the area, create a personalized gameplan, implement exclusion tactics, monitor and repair entry points, and prevent new entry points from becoming a future problem.
  • Cleanup, sanitation and insulation: It’s important to ensure the area is properly cleaned to protect your health and safety, especially if you’re dealing with urine, droppings or dead animals. Our team will thoroughly sanitize the area, deodorizing and treating ectoparasites. If your insulation is damagedamaged or inainadequate,  we can install new insulation.

Areas We Serve

While we were founded in Houston, “The Bayou City,” our company is proud to extend our service area through Austin, San Antonio, the surrounding communities, amd areas in between.

Meet Our Outstanding Team

We’ve developed a highly qualified team to handle all your wildlife needs. All our employees are college educated in biology or a related field and understand how to trap, remove, handle and treat wildlife and pests. You can experience peace of mind knowing that a qualified team will come to your home or business.

Why Choose Urban Jungle?

When you choose Urban Jungle, you work with a business committed to meeting your needs. Because we are fully insured, we can go wherever animals have gone — including attics and crawlspaces. We’ll keep you updated throughout the entire process and won’t leave until the job’s done.

We also offer a minimum one-year warranty for most wildlife on all our exclusion services. You can trust that we’ll do what it takes to ensure your property is wildlife-free and you’re satisfied with our services.

Schedule Wildlife Services Today

Whether you need wildlife trapping or dead animal removal services, Urban Jungle can help you develop a customized plan for your residential or commercial property.

Please contact us online or give us a call at 833-732-0439.

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