Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC is a wildlife removal company that assists home and business owners through professional wildlife removal. We offer long-term solutions to keep unwanted animals off your property permanently.

Our educated, experienced team can complete wildlife cleanup and sanitation projects easily and effectively. We specialize in mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

What Services Does Urban Jungle Offer?

We can assist you with many nuisance wildlife issues. Our focus stays on removing the animal and preventing reentry through tactics such as excluding, sealing or repairing homes to block the animal’s path.

Our services include:

  • Trapping and removing wildlife and pests.
  • Treating active wildlife and pest issues.
  • Preventing the entry or return of future wildlife and pests.
  • Cleaning up and sanitizing spaces invaded by wildlife and pests.
  • Insulating attics following wildlife removal.

As we treat your wildlife or pest problem, we want to protect your health and safety. Our services preserve the value of your home or property, stop any pest issues from continuing and keep wildlife from destroying anything.

We use a proven process that typically last one to two weeks, depending on the problem’s extent and how the wildlife accessed your property. During wildlife exclusion, we find the root cause by looking for how the animal got into your home or property so we can prevent future issues. Then, we perform repairs as needed to any damage the animal has done.

Why Choose Urban Jungle?

We’re proud of the outstanding team we have assembled to help people like you. Everyone we employ is college-educated with a bachelor’s degree or higher in Biology or related fields. We train each person on how to trap, remove, handle and treat wildlife and pests. We also perform background checks on every employee, so you can trust the team member who comes to your home or business.

We are fully insured, so we can follow the animal wherever it has gone, including tight crawlspaces or attics, to get to the cause of your issue. We also offer service continuity with the same person seeing you and keeping you updated throughout your entire process. We don’t add charges if the trapping and removal from your home or business take longer than a week or two, and we don’t charge per trip or per animal.

We provide a minimum of one-year warranty for most nuisance wildlife on all of our exclusion if everything is sealed through our wildlife exclusion services. Get in touch with us today to discuss our local wildlife removal services and schedule an appointment.

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