Spotting a bat can be scary, especially if you’ve never faced them before and have pets in your home. There are myths that bats are evil, spooky creatures, but are they dangerous?

Learning about bat behavior and the dangers they can cause can help you prepare to take the right action after you spot them.

Can a Bat Attack a Human?

Healthy bats are not likely to attack you. They tend to avoid people whenever possible. Rabid bats are unpredictable, though, and can bite or scratch. Since you often can’t tell just by looking at it whether a bat has rabies, it’s best to avoid touching or harassing it. Rabid bats are known to cause the most rabies deaths in the United States.

If you accidentally come into contact with a bat, wash your hands with soap and water and get in touch with your doctor. Then call a professional to trap and remove the bats in your residence. Even if you encounter a dead bat in your house or yard, wait for a professional to remove and dispose of it properly.

Are Bats Dangerous to Pets?

In general, bats tend to leave pets alone, but if they feel threatened, they can become aggressive. Bats can bite a dog or another pet, and rabid bats can pass the viral infection to your pets through the bite. Once the infection has begun, there is no cure for rabies, but if your pet has been vaccinated for rabies, they are much less likely to contract the disease. If your pet has not been vaccinated, it is vivital they get rabies shot before symptoms begin.

If you suspect a bat has bitten your pet, clean the wound thoroughly with soap and water and contact your veterinarian right away.

Other Problems Bats Can Cause

Apart from rabies, bats can cause other issues, such as:

Get Professional Help to Remove Bats From Your Home

Calling the experts to help you remove bats from your home can help safeguard your health and that of your pets, as well as give you peace of mind. Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal helps homeowners evict bats from their property and repair the damage they cause. We’ll also clean and sanitize your home to prevent disease transmission and eliminate odors.

Contact us to safeguard your residence and insulate areas such as the attic to prevent re-entry.