When rodents like mice, rats or squirrels, and other wildlife like raccoons and bats invade your home, they often make nests in your attic. Even after removing the animals, they leave behind messes, including contaminated or torn-up insulation. Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC can replace your insulation after an animal invasion and restore your attic to a safe clean space.

How Wildlife Damage Insulation in Homes

Little critters like mice, rats squirrels, raccoons, and bats love to take refuge in sheltered spaces, especially during winter. Many homeowners rarely visit their attics, making them a safe, quiet place to hide.

While rodents and other wildlife hide in the attic, they make nests from the insulation, making it less likely to protect your home. They will rip, scratch and chew holes in your attic materials, making them ineffective for insulating your space.

The Dangers of Wildlife Infestations and Contaminated Insulation

When critters make homes in your attic, they leave behind unpleasant health hazards. The urine and feces left in the attic space may damage your home’s structure, and large amounts of debris can cause a sagging ceiling. As waste builds up in your attic, it may also cause an intense odor that circulates through your home.

Disease is another danger from rodent and other wildlife urine and feces. Rats, mice, squirrel ,  raccoons, and bats can all carry and spread many diseases directly or indirectly. When waste accumulates in your home, these diseases may spread through your HVAC system, causing you to get sick.

Benefits of Having Your Insulation Replaced

After experts remove wildlife from your home, your next step should be reclaiming the space and making it safe again.

Insulation replacement is an integral part of rodent and wildlife cleanup. If rodents or other larger animals invade your attic, you should contact an expert for insulation replacement. Replacing insulation can remove harmful substances like feces and urine from your home, keeping your home’s inhabitants healthy.

You can save money in the long term by replacing insulation, too. Torn-up insulation cannot trap heat as effectively, so you will spend more money heating your home as heat escapes through the attic. Replacing worn insulation may increase your energy efficiency, so you’ll save on heating costs.

Our Insulation Removal and Replacement Services

At Urban Jungle, we can remove directly contaminated insulation, chemically sanitize the atyoc space, and replace damaged insulation. Beyond the health and money-saving benefits of replacing insulation, many building codes require a minimum insulation depth. These codes include the International Residential Code (IRC) and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

In areas where animals have damaged your insulation beyond repair, Urban Jungle will remove it. Otherwise, we’ll cap your insulation to meet the code. In the areas we serve in Texas, building codes specify that insulation in the attic must be R38 or above which means a minimum of about 15 inches thick for blown-in fiberglass insulation.

Contact Urban Jungle for Insulation Removal and Replacement

Urban Jungle’s professional wildlife removal experts can help you reclaim your home after an animal invasion. We’ll replace your insulation to ensure your home is safe and energy efficient again.

Contact us online or call us at (833) 732-0439 if you need insulation replaced after wildlife removal.

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