Whether you live in the city or the suburbs of Texas, Urban Jungle offers solutions to your problems with wildlife. Our professional wildlife removal company has a team that’s trained to trap, remove, handle and treat all kinds of pests.

We understand and are up to date on local, state and federal laws, ensuring our wildlife removal services are compliant, safe and effective.

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Texas Wildlife Removal Services

Texas is home to all kinds of animals, ranging from hundreds of bird species to mammals like squirrels and badgers. Houston, San Antonio and Austin are our primary service areas, but we offer a full range of wildlife removal services to both homeowners and businesses located all throughout the state.

Whether birds have damaged your space or you need professional cleanup and sanitation services after a rodent infestation, our team can handle it all.

Areas We Serve in Texas

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Don’t wait any longer to take care of the wildlife or pests that are damaging your Texas home. Urban Jungle offers solutions for your wildlife removal, repair, exclusion and sanitation needs.

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