Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal, LLC

Sienna Plantation’s trusted wildlife removal company

SIENNA PLANTATION IS A RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY WITH SOME OF THE BEST SCHOOLS near Houston, Texas. The community runs along about 7,300 wooded acres, and families enjoy around 2,000 acres of parkland with golf courses, country club amenities and nature trails. Animals of these outdoor landscapes often make their way into homes or businesses. Trust Urban Jungle for safe, professional local wildlife removal services if you sense an unwanted visitor on your property.

Common Wildlife in Sienna Plantation

With such close proximity to nature, common pests in the Sienna Plantation area include:

  • BATS
  • RATS
  • MICE

At Urban Jungle, we make sure our team consists of the most knowledgeable professionals in the wildlife industry. Our employees have degrees in biology or related fields, and they’re all background checked and trained in handling Sierra Plantation’s wildlife.

Our team has the tools and experience to treat, handle, trap or remove wildlife and pests. We also prevent animal reentry by excluding, sealing or repairing homes. We are fully insured to get into hard-to-reach places like crawl spaces or certain parts of attics where animals go. Our services provide long-term solutions for residential and commercial wildlife control.

Wildlife Removal Services

Our goal is to PROTECT THE HEALTH, SAFETY AND VALUE OF YOUR HOME AND PROPERTY. We do this in three main stages:

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

During our animal removal service in Sienna Plantation, we set traps and properly exclude access points. We may use a valve device to release an animal while preventing reentry. We can also remove dead animals from your yard, crawl space, attic, vents, walls and other areas.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

During exclusion, we determine how animals have entered your home or property and take steps to prevent their return. We seal openings, repair certain wildlife damages caused by their entry, or otherwise exclude access points to mitigate future problems. Our goal is to stop wildlife from entering your home, while retaining the functionality and aesthetics of your home’s design.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

We also assist with cleanup following wildlife removal. Our team physically removes large animal droppings and contaminated insulation. We chemically sanitize and treat the attic for ectoparasites from an animal’s body, such as fleas, ticks or mites. We also replace attic insulation damaged by wildlife activity. 

The amount of time each service takes depends on the target animal, the extent of the problem and how long the wildlife concern has persisted. If trapping or removing an animal from inside your home takes longer than expected, you’ll still pay the same rate we discussed. We don’t charge extra per visit or animal.

While Urban Jungle does not specialize in HVAC, ductwork, plumbing and electrical services, we will inform you if we spot those damages during an inspection so you can take the appropriate steps.


When you need local wildlife removal, choose Urban Jungle. We handle Sienna Plantation wildlife removal within Missouri City and eastern Fort Bend County areas.

The same team member will help you from the inspection to the finished service. Call our team at 832-240-3891 or contact us online today to start the process.