IF YOU’VE FOUND YOURSELF IN A SITUATION WHERE YOU NEED WILDLIFE CLEANUP AND SANITATION SERVICES, it’s time to call Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal. We specialize in removing wildlife from your property so that you can continue to enjoy it without pest concerns or jeopardizing you or your family’s health. Keep reading to learn how the cleanup and sanitation process works and how Urban Jungle can help.


WILDLIFE CLEANUP & SANITATION provide homeowners with a solution to the problem of wildlife-related issues. Our experts will rid your property of droppings, urine and other debris from wild animals such as raccoons, squirrels, birds and opossums. Proactively maintaining your home’s interior and exterior with this service allows you to prevent potentially hazardous situations like:

– Unpleasant odors

– Mold growth

– Further disease-spreading infestations

– Damage to your home

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Our Process

At Urban Jungle, we utilize a proven three-step methodical wildlife cleanup process:

1. Inspection:
A professional wildlife removal technician will inspect your home to understand the damage and detect if any amimals still reside in your home.
2. Waste Removal & Cleanup:
We remove any debris left inside your home by the animal, including feces, hair, feathers and carcasses, and inspect for damage to infrastructure, replacing insulation if necessary.
3. Sanitation:
We sanitize the affected area, deodorizing and treating ectoparasites to keep your property free from health hazards.


AT URBAN JUNGLE, WE KNOW YOUR HOME IS YOUR SANCTUARY and you want to keep it clean and comfortable – especially when wildlife issues arise. We proudly provide every customer with a single point person who will give you custom solutions as quickly as possible to get your wildlife problem under control.

Between industrial-grade sanitizers and college-educated wildlife biologists who specialize in hard-to-reach places, rest assured that we have the tools and knowledge to take care of any animal that has decided to take up residence in your home.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Stefan was very knowledgeable and found the suspect living in our airduct. He inspected our house, installed some grids and recommended some additional improvements to reduce access.

Samuel L.

It went well. Had them come to perform initial consultation for mice. Were very thorough and seemed to have eradicated any issue.

Brian C.

They were wonderful and I can’t say enough positive things about them.

Valerio C.


WHEN YOU’RE THE VICTIM OF A WILDLIFE INFESTATION, you want nothing more than to return your home to a safe and sanitary state. We offer various services to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible, from basement and attic cleanup to cleaning and sanitizing all animal traces.

Learn how to prevent future infestations and defend your homestead by contacting us online or calling (833) 732-0439 today!