When a wild animal gets into your house, it can cause all kinds of trouble — from making a mess and destroying your insulation to exposing people to disease. This damage can be difficult to clean and poses further health and safety risks if you don’t have the right tools, protection and training.

At Urban Jungle, we offer wildlife cleanup services for your home or business following the animals’ removal and exclusion.

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Destruction Caused by Wildlife

Wild animals aren’t good houseguests. If an animal makes its way into your home or business, it can cause extensive destruction, including big messes, structural damage and contamination.

Rodents like mice, rats and squirrels are known for their propensity to chew on everything they find, including wiring, drywall and wood. Their chewing can cause damage that requires expensive repairs. Your uninvited guests may also destroy or damage things stored in attics and basements like blankets, papers and clothing. 

Mice eating food in cabinet of home.

Small rodents travel through kitchen cabinets and along countertops, contaminating food and food-handling areas. Animals who are trying to nest may shred or contaminate exposed insulation in attics and walls. Some bring in outside elements like plant materials to help them build their nests.

The feces and urine that nuisance animals leave behind are not just gross — they can be dangerous and destructive. If the waste builds up in an area, it can make ceilings sag and cause intense odors that are difficult to eliminate. Often the diseases these animals carry are most easily transferred through exposure to their urine and feces.

Diseases and Parasites

Many nuisance animals are carriers for diseases and parasites that could make people and pets ill. Most of these health concerns are easily transferred through exposure to an animal’s droppings and urine.

The diseases and parasites you may be exposed to vary depending on the animal, but common risks include:

  • Rabies
  • Roundworm (Baylisascaris)
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Fleas
  • Ticks

Droppings from rats and mice alone can carry parasites and pathogens for over 35 different diseases, including the bubonic plague.

Our Wildlife Home Sanitation Services

Urban Jungle is ready to help with wildlife cleanup in your home or business. Attempting to clean up after a wild animal yourself can be hazardous and ineffective. We have the tools, staff and commercial cleaning products required to truly sanitize your space.

Every member of our team has a degree in wildlife biology and an extensive understanding of animal behaviors, making them uniquely qualified for wildlife sanitation. They know where the animals most likely went and what kind of messes to expect. Our team members are fully insured, so they can go anywhere the animal has gone and clean up any messes left in their wake.

Person wearing insulation mask and body suit in attic.

Animals that get into homes typically settle in the attic. That’s why we offer full attic decontamination services. We’ll clean up any messes in the attic and replace any shredded, damaged or contaminated insulation. If there’s damage we aren’t equipped to repair, we’ll let you know and recommend someone who can. 


FAQs About Our Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation Services

Check out some of our most FAQs to learn more about our wildlife cleanup and sanitation services.

What Cleaning Materials Do You Use for Wildlife Cleanup? 

Homeowners or business owners who attempt to clean up after a wildlife infestation could be putting themselves at risk for several harmful diseases. At Urban Jungle, our team is experienced in wildlife biology, animal behaviors and wildlife sanitation to get the job done for you safely. 

We use industrial sanitizers and disinfectants to clean your space thoroughly. Since we are fully insured, we can go anywhere the animal has gone to clean up the mess.

All cleaning materials are safe for both pets and people to be around. Be sure to wait a minimum of 3-5 hours for everything to settle before entering an attic or room we cleaned. 

Do You Remove, Replace or Clean Attic Insulation?

Whenever you have an infestation, there’s a chance the animals may have attempted to nest in the exposed insulation in your attics and walls. If they’ve shredded or contaminated this area, our specialists can help. We have the tools and commercial cleaning products needed to clean up any feces or urine that’s directly contaminating your insulation. 

While a full insulation removal is usually not necessary, we can replace your shredded or damaged insulation for you. 

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How Much Does Wildlife Cleanup Cost?

No wildlife removal situation is the same. The price can vary based on the type of infestation, the required trapping and the number of entry points we need to exclude or reinforce

While we are always willing to provide a base price over the phone, having one of our specialists visit your property is the best way to determine how much the cleanup will cost. After your property’s inspection, you’ll receive a plan of action and a specific quote.

Do I Have to Do it Now?

It’s best to call the professionals sooner rather than later to minimize any damage to your property. Mice, rats and squirrels can chew through everything from drywall to wood, making it risky to delay cleanup and repairs. 

Along with causing structural damage, these animals can also leave behind big messes and contaminate living areas. Their feces and urine can leave behind lingering odors. Also, if there’s any fungus growing in these droppings, airborne spores or other pathogens can become more problematic and dangerous the longer you wait. 

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