Armadillos live in many states, including Texas, an ideal habitat with its dry, warm climate. These small animals don’t have much fat tissue, which is why they thrive in this climate.

Whether you’ve seen an armadillo scurrying around in your yard or think you may have spotted some signs of one of these sneaky visitors, Urban Jungle is your go-to source for wildlife removal services.

What Do Armadillos Look Like?

Armadillos are small animals, typically weighing between 10 and 15 pounds. They are known for their hard-scaled armor, which is where they got their name from. These little creatures have a pointed snout and small eyes. While their legs are short, they have a long tail — usually about the same length as their body.

Their armored shell offers protection, while their claws help them easily dig around and climb. Because of their body size and shape, armadillos can blend in well and protect themselves from predators.

What Do Armadillos Eat?

Armadillos are insectivores, which means their diet consists mainly of insects like bugs, grubs, termites and spiders. They will also sometimes eat root plants or fruits and carrion.

Typical Armadillo Behavior

Because armadillos are nocturnal, it can be hard to see these creatures out and about. They usually sleep up to 16 hours a day and then come out in the evening to forage. During this time, they’ll go around their nests and dig burrows or root around looking for food.

Do Armadillos Make Sounds?

While it may be surprising, armadillos make a variety of sounds. When they are foraging, they’ll make a grunting sound. Then, if they ever get startled or feel threatened, they’ll make a high-pitched squealing sound.

Signs of Armadillos in Your Yard

Even if you never see one of these nocturnal animals scurrying around in your yard, plenty of other signs can alert you to an armadillo paying a visit to your property. One telltale sign is noticing small burrows that they create where they forage around for insects and grubs. You may discover that some of your plants or garden beds have been upturned. In some cases, you may even find that some pavement has gotten broken from them digging around on your property.

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While their destructive tendencies can be a nuisance, armadillos can also carry diseases like leprosy. To keep your property protected, turn to the wildlife experts at Urban Jungle. We offer an array of services, ranging from wildlife removal to clean up and sanitation, to provide a long-term solution for your wildlife issue.

Our team of experienced and highly trained wildlife biologists can go anywhere the armadillos have gone. With our industrial-grade sanitizers, we’ll ensure your space is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. This effort helps to keep you, your family or your coworkers safe.

If they’ve caused any damage, we offer the maintenance and exclusion services.  Maintenance services utilize use of deterents and food reduction techniques to help  manage and prevent future armadillo activity throughout the affected area. Our exclusion services physically prevent armadillos from accessing areas of the property ranging from fenced areas to under decks.

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