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DESPITE BEING A RAPIDLY GROWING CITY located just 20 miles northeast of San Antonio, Selma, Texas, is still home to several natural areas. Wildlife like squirrels and raccoons often leave their natural habitat and take up residence in unwanted places, including attics, crawlspaces, and ceiling  of residential and commercial buildings.

If uninvited guests have made their way inside your home or business in Selma, turn to the experts at Urban Jungle. You can count on our trusted wildlife removal company to remove these creatures and prevent them from coming back.

Common Pests IN sELMA

You can find all kinds of mammals, reptiles, birds and bats in Selma. Maybe you’ve noticed some droppings in your pantry, chewed wires in your office or scurrying sounds in your attic. It’s possible that common pests like RATS, MICE, BATS, SQUIRRELS OR RACCOONS have made their way inside. Armadillos and skunks often burrow under decks to make themselves a home.

No matter what kind of animal has invaded your home or business, our professionals have the skills and training to identify, remove and prevent them from returning to your space. All our team members have degrees in biology or related fields and have undergone training, making them qualified wildlife experts.

oUR wILD aNIMAL Removal Services

At Urban Jungle, we specialize in THREE MAIN REMOVAL SERVICES.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

If you have a wildlife infestation, our trapping and removal services will take care of whatever animal you’re dealing with. Because every infestation is unique, we tailor our services to meet your residential or commercial space’s specific trapping and removal needs. We’ll do what it takes to ensure your property is free of all wildlife. 

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

Our team has the necessary training and experience to inspect your property and find the animal entry points. We will seal the opening and repair any damage the animal caused. Our team will also take proactive steps and implement exclusion tactics to prevent future infestations from happening.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

An animal infestation can be more than a hassle — it can also be dangerous. If an animal has left urine, droppings or debris behind or has died inside your home, those factors can pose a significant health risk to people and pets. Our team will come into your space and thoroughly clean and sanitize the area, preventing unpleasant odors and treating ectoparasites.

Why Choose Our Wildlife Removal Company? 

At Urban Jungle, we have the knowledge and resources necessary to handle all your wildlife removal needs. As a fully insured business, we can get into those hard-to-reach areas and get unwanted critters out. No matter what has infested your home or business, we have the expertise and tools to take care of all your needs.

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Whether you need help removing critters from your attic or cleaning up animal traces, Urban Jungle has you covered. We offer several wildlife removal services that our team can tailor to your needs. 

Interested in learning more or ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule service.