Wildlife Removal Services in Schertz, Texas 

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The city of Schertz is a growing community located near San Antonio. IT OFFERS A SMALL-TOWN, SUBURBAN FEEL and is home to several parks and workforce opportunities. It’s family-friendly and an ideal place to retire, making it a desired community for many individuals. 

Many different types of wildlife and pests also find this area desirable. Animals can make their way into homes and businesses, looking for food and shelter. If you need wild animal trapping and removal services, get in touch with Urban Jungle.

What Are Some Common Pests in Schertz? 

If you live or work in Schertz, you may come across many different types of wildlife and pests. This area is home to animals like RACCOONS, OPOSSUMS, RODENTS AND SQUIRRELS. Other common animals include BATS, ARMADILLOS, SKUNKS, AND SNAKES.

At Urban Jungle, we have a team of animal removal professionals with the education, experience and training necessary to handle all animal infestation problems. Our team knows how to provide services ranging from removing wildlife and pests to repairing homes and businesses to prevent animal re-entry. 

Protect Your Property With Wildlife Removal Services

Are you looking for a long-term solution to your animal infestation problems? Urban Jungle has you covered. We offer several services to REMOVE AND PREVENT WILDLIFE AND PESTS FROM INVADING YOUR SPACES

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

No matter what kind of wildlife or pests you encounter, our wildlife biologists will do what it takes to ensure they are gone from your property. While it’s our goal to trap and remove animals as quickly as possible, if the animal is still in your home, we will stay on the job for as long as necessary. 

Our wildlife trapping and removal services include: 

– Inspecting your property.

– Creating a custom game plan.

– Setting and checking traps, or installing one-way doors

– Trapping and removing animals. 

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

Animals that have made their way inside your home or business did so through an entry point. Our wildlife experts will thoroughly inspect your property, looking for ways animals have gotten in or could potentially enter. With our exclusion and repair services, we’ll make sure that all these holes and gaps get sealed and then repair any existing damage.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

Along with getting into your garbage cans or chewing through boxes and wires inside, wildlife can leave behind all kinds of debris, urine and droppings that can lead to hazardous situations. Along with making a mess of your property and creating unpleasant odors, these messes can put pets and people at risk for diseases. Our team understands how to properly clean and sanitize spaces, reducing damage and health risks. If we find that wildlife has significantly damaged your insulation, our staff is trained to properly install new insulation to keep your home cool during the summers and warm on cold winter nights.

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Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal is proud to provide dependable, long-term wildlife removal services for individuals who live and work in Schertz, Texas. No matter what kind of wildlife or pest situation you’re dealing with, we’ll develop a custom solution and work with you for as long as it takes.

Contact our experts today to learn more and schedule professional wildlife removal services.