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KEEPING YOUR ROUND ROCK PROPERTY SAFE AND CLEAN IS A FULL-TIME JOB under normal circumstances. When pests like mice or bats decide to take up residence in our home or building, you can count on our expert team to reliably handle your wildlife removal.

At Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal, we focus on treating your problem and helping you avoid similar concerns in the future. Contact us at 833-732-0439 to learn more about our Round Rock wildlife control services or set up an on-site appointment.

Wildlife Common to Round Rock, Texas

One of the benefits of living in the Round Rock region is access to nature. While it can be fun to observe the local wildlife in its natural surroundings, you don’t want pests to enter your house or office.

If you notice or suspect that any of the following wildlife may be inside your property in the crawl space, attic or another indoor area, please give us a call: RACCOONS, SQUIRRELS, BATS, RATS, MICE, BIRDS, SNAKES AND OPOSSUMS.


Unsure of the wildlife causing you headaches? Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal employs professionals with biology degrees who have the background and education to identify any creatures in your home, remove them and prevent them from returning.

Wildlife Removal Services in Round Rock

Successfully removing wildlife from any property is a multistage process that usually takes at least one to two weeks. Our typical process includes diagnosing your problem and then determining the best way to SAFELY REMOVE WILDLIFE, PREVENT FUTURE WILDLIFE INFESTATION AND, IF NECESSARY, CLEAN UP DAMAGE.

Each of our services is explained in more detail below:

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

During this stage, we will set traps to successfully remove the wildlife pest or pests from your home, outbuilding or commercial building. We’ll continue to check the traps over a period of days and make modifications as needed. After trapping creatures, we will remove them as part of our wildlife control services.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

When you have wildlife in your house or building, you have at least one point of entry. We will find the point(s) of entry and assist you in sealing it. We will also reinforce weakened areas that wildlife may not be using yet. That way, other types of wildlife will not try to make your place their home in the future.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

Animal droppings, urine and debris left behind after an animal is removed can pose significant health risks to you and your family. Let us clean it up and ensure your home is sanitary.

Rid Yourself of Unwanted Wildlife in Round Rock, Texas

When the wildlife outside decides to come inside, contact Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal at 833-732-0439 or send a message online. We’ll help you keep creatures where they belong so you can get back to enjoying your space.