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THE HOUSTON HEIGHTS NEIGHBORHOOD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO SETTLE FOR YOUR CAREER, START A FAMILY OR LIVE AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. You’re sure to enjoy living in the southern part of the U.S. with warm temperatures and a plethora of breweries, entertainment venues and restaurants nearby.

It’s important to note “the Heights” area is home to various wildlife species — some of which look to your home or business as a source for food, water and shelter. If you notice an infestation, animal removal services are essential. Rely on the professionals at Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal Services LLC to put you back in control.

Common Wildlife Species in the Heights

Texas residents are familiar with the abundant wildlife populations near Houston Heights. It’s common for locals to see diverse creatures in neighborhoods and high-traffic locations due to the numerous bayous and green spaces throughout the area.

Some of the most common animals you’ll see throughout Houston Heights include RACCOONS, BATS, SNAKES, OPOSSUMS, SQUIRRELS, RATS AND MICE. Fortunately, Urban Jungle is a wildlife removal company serving the Heights. Our team members utilize the most advanced methods to keep unwanted visitors away from your property.

After we identify the species in your space, we’ll draw up a custom plan to mitigate the issue. This process usually involves placing traps or one-way doors to remove the critters hiding in hard-to-reach places and sealing or excluding all entry points.

Wildlife Removal Services Available

Urban Jungle is proud to offer a variety of residential and commercial wildlife control services. Explore your options for long-lasting solutions to respond to infestations of any size. Allow us to remove animal populations, repair damages and LEAVE YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS CLEAN FOR YOUR SAFETY.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal


All animal infestations are different. Urban Jungle will set traps in locations where animals are most active. We’ll return every one to three days to see what we’ve captured. On average, we can remove all animals in the home or office within one or two weeks, but we’ll continue for however long it takes to keep you pest-free.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

Our experts will assess the damages wildlife leave behind. Whether animals are living in the attic, behind walls, or in the crawl space we pinpoint where critters enter your home or commercial building and close off these access points. This step of our process is crucial and essential for excluding animals from entering your space in large numbers.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

You can rely on Urban Jungle to complete a detailed cleaning of your living spaces. Our staff has the right tools and solutions for sanitizing surfaces covered with wildlife urine or feces. We’ll also control the spread of dangerous diseases and parasites that may otherwise survive in the home or workplace after pests are removed.

Contact Urban Jungle for Residential and Commercial Wildlife Control Services

When you need to remove wildlife from your property in Houston Heights, no one does the job quite like Urban Jungle. All of our employees hold a biology (or related) degree, meaning we fully understand animals and their behaviors. We’re your source for long-term solutions regarding wildlife and we’re transparent about our process from the first moment we meet with you.

Maintain your property’s value and prioritize the health of those around you when you reach out to Urban Jungle for wildlife removal services today!