Wildlife Removal and Trapping Services in the Humble Area 

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IF UNINVITED CRITTERS HAVE TAKEN UP RESIDENCE IN YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS, turn to Urban Jungle. Our team of trained wildlife biologists can go anywhere an animal has gone and handle, treat, trap or remove all kinds of wildlife and pests. We’ll make sure your space is safe and do what it takes the prevent animal re-entry.

Common wildlife in Humble

Humble, Texas has a wide range of natural habitats. Animals like SQUIRRELS, RACCOONS, BATS, RATS, BIRDS AND INSECTS  live throughout the area. Whether they are in search of warmth or food, it’s common for many of these animals to try to make their way inside your home or business.

With our residential and commercial wildlife removal services, we’ll take care of these unwanted visitors for you, helping keep your property and its inhabitants safe and protected.

Wildlife Removal Services

No matter what kind of wildlife control services you need in Humble, Urban Jungle has you covered. Because every situation is unique, we never offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we’ll customize our services to your specific needs. Our team of wildlife biologists is here to help with everything from treating active issues to PREVENTING FUTURE INFESTATIONS IN YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS.

Our services include:

Trapping and Removal

Animal removal is not something that you want to handle on your own. Whether it’s a bird’s nest in your attic or mice in your walls, you want to turn to a team of professionals who can create a customized game plan and take efficient action. 

Once we conduct an initial inspection, we’ll set traps or one-way doors and set a schedule to check them until all the pests are gone — and we won’t stop there. We’ll get a head start on reinforcing entry points and working on exclusion measures to keep them from coming back.

Exclusion and Repairs

There are many ways that wildlife and insects could be making their way inside your home or business. As part of our exclusion services, we’ll inspect the property and seal openings and entry points while still allowing the functionality of openings like vents and weep holes. 

If there is any damage to the property, our team will monitor and repair issues using the best materials available to return it to optimal condition. 

Cleanup and Sanitation

As part of our wildlife removal services, we also handle cleanup and sanitation. Depending on the extent of the problem, different things may have occurred in your home or business. Many times, animals will leave behind urine or droppings that cause noticeable, hard-to-eliminate odors. 

Along with being unsightly and unpleasant to deal with, these messes can also be dangerous and put you, your family and pets at risk for harmful diseases (e.g. leptospirosis) and parasites (e.g. ascaris roundworm).

We have the commercial cleaning products and tools necessary to thoroughly clean and sanitize your space, removing unwanted odors and leaving healthier air and surfaces behind. 

Looking for Wildlife Removal Services in the Humble Area?

With our various wildlife removal and control services, you can trust that Urban Jungle has a solution for your needs. Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 833-732-0439 or fill out our online contact form today.