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SAVANNAH OAKS IS KNOWN FOR ITS GRASSY FORESTS NEAR CITY LIFE. Texas’ Blackland Prairies and Piney Woods ecosystems include various oak, hickory and cedar trees, and animals from these wooded plains can sometimes make it into your home. Trust Urban Jungle for your residential and commercial wildlife control when they do. 

Common Nuisance Wildlife in sAVANNAH oAKS

Nearby, San Antonio’s tree canopies provide the most extensive coverage out of any city nationally. Savannah Oaks communities include landscaped yards with scenic trees. Wildlife from nearby nature parks, trails, gardens and rivers may visit your home, including: 

  • BATS
  • MICE
  • RATS

Safely removing these animals requires long-term solutions from knowledgeable and carefully trained experts. Treating wildlife concerns sooner rather than later protects the value of your health and home.

Wildlife Removal Services

Urban Jungle specialists are all college-educated with degrees in biology or other related fields. We truly understand animals. Employees receive a background check at the time of hiring and training on how to trap, remove, handle or treat wildlife and pests. Our team also learns strategies for exclusion, resealing and repairing homes to prevent animal reentry. We carry thorough insurance to cover us in reaching all access points, including attics and crawl spaces. 


Wildlife Trapping and Removal

If you need animals removed from your home, a specialist will visit for an inspection. After assessing how animals or pests entered, we’ll set traps to catch the animal. In some cases, a one-way valve, which releases an animal while preventing reentry is better suited for the removal process. We also remove deceased wildlife from yards, attics, crawlspaces, walls, and ceilings.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

During exclusion, specialists seal or otherwise exclude openings such as holes, vents, crawl spaces and access points. We can also repair damage caused by the animals entering. While we don’t fix HVAC ductwork, plumbing and electrical damage, we will let you know of any recommended improvements after an inspection. 

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

Attic cleanups involve removing animal waste, removing contaminated insulation, chemically sanitizing the area and treating ectoparasites. These include fleas, ticks and mites brought in by an animal. We also replace damaged insulation in the attic to make your home more energy-efficient. 

Urban Jungle specialists will work with your budget and determine the timeline and cost of your services. Factors include the target animal, extent of the problem and number of primary entry points. Some services require reoccurring monthly or bimonthly treatments. Trapping and removal services usually take one or two weeks. If trapping and removing animals from your home takes longer than expected, we’ll stick to our estimate rather than charging more per visit or animal.

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