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WHETHER YOU LIVE OR WORK IN FULSHEAR, you’ve probably noticed some of the wildlife and pests that call this city home. If one of these critters has made its way indoors, Urban Jungle has you covered. We offer residential and commercial wildlife removal services that will keep all kinds of critters from coming back. 

Common Wildlife in Fulshear, Texas

Here in Fulshear, there are many different kinds of animals that live in the surrounding natural areas. Common examples include RATS, MICE, BATS, BIRDS, RACCOONS, OPOSSUMS  and, of course, all kinds of INSECTS. While some are just a nuisance, others can carry harmful parasites or diseases that could put you, your family and your pets at risk. 

No matter what kind of animals have taken up residence in or near your home or business, we can help. Urban Jungle is a wildlife removal company serving Fulshear property owners and renters with safe, effective wildlife control.

Wildlife Removal Services in Fulshear

Here at Urban Jungle, we have a team of wildlife biologists who are committed to protecting your health and safety by addressing and preventing wildlife and pest issues. No matter what kind of wild animal species you’re dealing with, YOU CAN TRUST THAT OUR EXPERTS HAVE YOU COVERED. 

We offer a broad range of wildlife control services:

Trapping and Removal

If you have an active infestation or intermittent wildlife problems , our wildlife biologists will do what it takes to remove the animals or pests as quickly as possible. We start off by conducting an initial inspection so we can create a customized game plan based on your specific needs. 

Once we set traps or one-way doors, we’ll regularly check on them until your pest issue is resolved. To keep your home or business safe from future infestations, we’ll apply preventive measures so they won’t come back.

Exclusion and Repairs

Whether you have squirrels in the attic or mice chewing through your walls, there must be entry points somewhere on the exterior of your property for them to make their way inside. As part of our exclusion and repair services, we’ll inspect the area and assess how these animals are getting in. 

Once we’ve located the entry point(s), we’ll create a custom strategy to seal or otherwise exclude any openings as well as reinforce other potential entry points. If there’s any damage, we’ll make sure everything gets repaired so your home or business stays protected. 

Cleanup and Sanitation

A wildlife infestation isn’t just destructive — it can be dangerous. Some animals, especially mice, rats and squirrels, can quickly chew through electrical wiring and create a fire hazard. If we find damaged wires, plumbing or other equipment we will notify you so that proper repairs can be made.  

Exposure to an animal’s urine or droppings can put you at risk for diseases ranging from salmonellosis to ascaris roundworm to rabies. If a pest dies in your home or business, the area can quickly begin to smell and draw scavengers, compounding the problem. 

At Urban Jungle, we have the commercial cleaning products and tools needed to sanitize and deodorize any place an animal has been. We are able to go anywhere your pests go, taking care of the mess and resolving those health and safety risks. 

Learn More About Our Custom Wildlife Removal Services

If you’re in the Fulshear area, we can take care of all your wildlife needs. Give us a call at 833-732-0439 or reach out online today to learn more.