Wildlife Removal Services in Sugar Land, Texas 

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SUGAR LAND IS SOUTHWEST OF THE BUSTLING CITY OF DOWNTOWN HOUSTON. Here, you’ll find communities and neighborhoods as well as a variety of civic organizations, schools, shops and small businesses.

In this urban environment, you’ll also encounter all kinds of animals and pests. Unfortunately, unwelcome critters can make their way inside your home or business, causing destruction and even putting occupants at risk for some diseases. 

At Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal, we provide wildlife removal services throughout Sugar Land, Texas, helping to protect residential and commercial properties year-round. 

Common Pests in Sugar Land

Sugar Land is home to many critters. Some of the most common ones include raccoons and squirrels that can enter your yard looking for food. These animals are attracted to anything from birdseed to leftovers in your garbage can. Along with raiding your property, SQUIRRELS AND RACCOONS can even make their way inside, especially into attics, where they can start chewing on things like wires. 

Other critters like BATS, RATS, OPOSSUMS, AND SNAKES also call Sugar Land home. These animals can also enter homes and businesses, causing widespread destruction. Animals such as ARMADILLOS, SKUNKS, MOLES AND GOPHERS commonly invade yards and destroy landscaping. 

No matter what kind of creature you find on your property, Urban Jungle has a team of trained and highly experienced animal removal professionals ready to help. Our team knows how to handle, trap and remove wildlife and pests, as well as prevent animal re-entry. Because we are fully insured, we can go anywhere these animals have gone.

Wildlife Control Services in Sugar Land

Our wildlife removal company offers LONG-TERM SOLUTIONS TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY AND ITS OCCUPANTS. Our services include:

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Once we know what kind of wildlife you’re dealing with, we’ll create a plan and set traps to get rid of them. We incorporate preventive measures to ensure the pests won’t come back. You can trust that our team of experts will keep working until your property is free from unwelcome visitors. 

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

If wildlife has invaded your property, our exclusion and repair services will help prevent future infestations. We’ll thoroughly inspect your property, looking for animal entry points. Our team will seal those areas off and repair any damage using the best materials available. 

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

Animal infestations aren’t just a nuisance. The debris, urine and droppings left behind by wild animals can be a health hazard. These messes can lead to anything from fungal growth to disease-spreading infestations. Our cleanup and sanitation services eliminate exposure to these hazardous substances in your home or business. Not only can animal activity in the attic spread pathogens, it will also damage amd destroy insulation. Our team is trained to install new insulation to keep your home energy efficient.

Keep Your Property Protected With Urban Jungle 

At Urban Jungle, we understand that your wildlife and pest issues are unique, so we’ll work with you to create a custom solution. We’ll make sure that you have access to the services you need. We stand behind our work with a one-year warranty on sealed spaces, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. 

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