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SAN ANTONIO IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO LIVE, with a rich history, exciting culture and plenty to see and do. Residents thrive in the warm weather, as does the local wildlife. As the city has developed, more animals have had to adapt to the urban and suburban environment. If you live in San Antonio and find that an animal has made its way into your home or business, contact Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal. 

Urban Jungle is a trusted wildlife removal company in San Antonio dedicated to helping you with your wildlife infestation issues. We don’t believe in partial fixes — we work to provide long-term, complete solutions to take care of your problem and animal-proof your home or business for good.

Common Local Pests

Residents of San Antonio commonly face wildlife infestations from animals like RACCOONS, SQUIRRELS, RATS, BATS, ARMADILLOS, SKUNKS, BIRDS, SNAKES AND OPOSSUMSRING-TAILED CATS are native to Texas and end up in attic spaces throughout San Antonio. They’re related to raccoons but are more elusive and less common to spot.

Our critter removal professionals are experts in their field. They all hold degrees in wildlife biology and have extensive training in the animals they may encounter in the San Antonio area. They can quickly and accurately identify the critters causing problems and work to eradicate them.

San Antonio Wildlife Removal Services

When you work with Urban Jungle, you get a single point-person who will see you through the entire process and a custom-made plan to address your needs. We offer an array of services to remove critters from your home or office and KEEP THEM OUT FOR YEARS TO COME

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

The first step to resolving any wildlife infestation is to trap and remove the animals from your property. Our team will work efficiently to make sure every uninvited guest has been evicted. We also provide emergency wildlife removal services in San Antonio for animals that need to be removed immediately. In addition, we offer dead animal removal in San Antonio and cleanup of dead animals trapped in your home or office.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

Once wildlife has been removed, we want to make sure they stay out. We call this our exclusion service because it excludes the animals from your property. We’ll also take a look around and repair any damage caused by the animals. If there’s something we can’t fix, we’ll let you know and recommend someone who can.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

Wild animals are messy — especially in your home. They leave feces, urine and other debris behind that can be hazardous to you and your family. We have the commercial-grade cleaning supplies and know-how to sanitize your space and make it safe again.

Keep the Critters Out With Urban Jungle

At Urban Jungle, your safety is our number one priority. Let us do the dangerous work of removing nuisance animals and making sure they stay out of your San Antonio home or business.

Get in touch today to schedule an inspection or request a quote — submit our contact form or give us a call at (210) 418-1021.