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WILDLIFE LIVING INSIDE YOUR HOME IN CYPRESS is a problem that calls for immediate attention. Critters like rats and mice get comfortable quickly, and they bring friends.

Luckily, the professionals at Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal are on your side and ready to mitigate the issue through effective means. Call us as soon as you suspect something is up.

Common Pests Living in Cypress

With the warm climate in Cypress, you can find a variety of wildlife here year-round. Some of the animals, rodents and reptiles are known to carry harmful bacteria. Urban Jungle takes a custom approach to professional wildlife control services, and all our employees are specifically trained to handle the area’s most prominent populations:

It’s our goal to trap, remove and treat pests as well as seal and repair your home to prevent reentry. All of our employees are college-educated, holding degrees in biology or related fields. We’ll take a proven approach to getting your wildlife problem under control.

Numerous Wildlife Removal Services Offered

At Urban Jungle, we specialize in multiple services to keep your residential space in Cypress COMFORTABLE AND SANITARY.

Animal Trapping and Removal

Our professionals have experience locating squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats, bats and similar creatures that like to hide behind walls, inside your storage spaces and in parts of the attic. We’ll enter your home for wildlife trapping and removal services as if it were our own, reaching hard-to-access spaces carefully. We can often reduce wildlife populations in one to two weeks, though the exact timeline might vary depending on your specific circumstances.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

Exclusion services from Urban Jungle are essential for blocking off the locations where wildlife enters your home. We’ll seal off entry points large and small to isolate your pest problem and keep critters from coming and going.

Note that we are unable to complete HVAC, plumbing or electrical repairs. However, we will let you know when hiring a contractor is the right move for maintaining the value of your home.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

It’s vital to hire a wildlife cleanup and sanitation team that can eliminate droppings, messes and bacteria left by your unwanted guests. Urban Jungle relies on commercial-grade solutions to minimize health hazards around your property. You can also trust our team to remove dead animals as well as sanitize and deodorize surfaces accordingly. We go the extra mile by looking for ectoparasites across the affected area and treating them as needed.

When necessary, we can help you replace insulation around your attic to return spaces back to normal.

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Urban Jungle is a fully insured wildlife control company serving Cypress and the surrounding areas. We stand out from competitors by connecting you with a single person to cover your entire job. Explore our before-and-after photo gallery to see the difference we can make. Contact us online to learn more about our services!