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HEDWIG VILLAGE, TEXAS, IS A BEAUTIFUL AREA, conveniently surrounded by local wildlife refuges with winding trails great for weekend activities. However, local wildlife might also creep into the homes and businesses of Hedwig Village residents, wreaking havoc on wiring, HVAC systems or insulation.

Common PESTS

Common critters you may discover camping out in your Hedwig Village home include RACCOONS, BATS, RATS, MICE, BIRDS, SNAKES, SQUIRRELS  — you name it! If you’ve found yourself in a bind for how to safely remove wildlife from your home or business, call on our trained biologists at Urban Jungle. We’re a comprehensive wildlife removal company servicing the Hedwig Village, Texas area.

Residential and Commercial Wildlife Removal Services in Hedwig Village, Texas

It can be tempting to assume that the problem has been solved once you’ve trapped and removed an animal. However, this often isn’t the case. At Urban Jungle, we take a long-term approach. Our fully insured biologists inspect your home from top to bottom to determine where the entry points are, as well as potential access points, or weakened areas. Once we’ve pinpointed the animal’s entry points, we specialize in damage removal, repair and exclusion services to NIP THE PROBLEM IN THE BUD AND PREVENT ANY ONGOING BREAKING AND ENTERING FROM UNWANTED PESTS.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Our college-educated biologists truly understand animal behavior. When you work with us, we assign one biologist to your case, so you have a consistent point of contact throughout the process. The biologist will complete an initial inspection of your home, checking all the nooks and crannies other specialists can’t or won’t go into due to insurance limitations or lack of know-how.

After your inspection, we’ll create a custom trapping plan and check in every one to three days after setup. Depending on the pest and the extent of the problem, it takes and average of one to two weeks to trap and remove any unwanted wildlife from your property and exclude the entry points. Should it take a little longer, that’s okay. We don’t charge per visit or animal caught. We promise to stay true to our original quote!

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

During the trapping process of the animal(s), we concurrently work on the exclusion process. We call it exclusion because we aim to exclude animals from re-entering your home, while maintaining the functionality and aesthetics of your home. We fortify your home’s defenses against further pest attacks by sealing or repairing the animal’s entry points — and we won’t leave you hanging afterward. Depending on the situation and your service plan, we provide monthly or bi-monthly follow-ups to ensure your home is still fortified and secure to prevent animal re-entry.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

Once we’ve removed the animal, cleanup will likely be necessary. We’ll take care of that, too. We specialize in:

  • Chemical sanitization.
  • Contaminated insulation replacement.
  • Animal dropping and dead animal removal.

We can treat other disease-transmitting agents like ectoparasites. We’ll also alert you to any damage that we can’t fix, such as electrical wiring, so you can bring in the necessary professionals to fix any potentially costly damage to your property.


Commercial businesses and residential homeowners in the Hedwig Village, Texas area can call on our friendly and reliable team at Urban Jungle for their wildlife removal service needs. Call us at (832) 240-3891 or fill out our online contact form to start the process today!