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ALAMO HEIGHTS IS KNOWN FOR ITS COTTAGE DISTRICTS AND UPSCALE CITY FEATURES along hills and twisting roads. Contours of the land preserve century-old trees. Nestled within this nature, residents enjoy scenic views along with San Antonio’s best restaurants and eclectic shops.

Trails and parks surrounding Bexar County include oak woodlands and creeks. Sometimes animals and pests from these areas can enter your home. Trust Urban Jungle’s team of specialists for your residential and commercial wildlife control. 

Common Wildlife in Alamo Heights

Within the Alamo Loop in Texas and nearby parks, you’ll see wildflowers sprinkled in between the rivers and grasslands. Colorful butteries, songbirds and dragonflies fill the trails and gardens. Common wildlife in the area includes:

  • MICE
  • RATS
  • BATS

If you suspect animals and pests in your home, contact Urban Jungle for local wildlife removal.

Wildlife Removal Services

Urban Jungle specialists all have degrees in biology or related fields. We understand animals, carry full insurance and receive extensive training for all wildlife services, including accessing those hard to reach places in attics, crawlspaces, and roofs. All employees learn how to trap, remove, handle or treat wildlife and pests. We also know how to seal and repair homes to prevent animal reentry.

Through our services, we PROTECT THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME, HEALTH AND SAFETY in three stages:

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Our animal removal service in Alamo Heights removes live and deceased animals from your yard, attic, crawl spaces, walls, vents and other areas. We properly places and set traps before excluding your home. A one-way valve device may be used to release an animal later while still preventing reentry or access. 

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

During this phase, we seal openings and repair damages caused by animal entry. Our goals is to keep with the aesthetics and functionality of your home’s design while preventing future wildlife entry.  While Urban Jungle does not specialize in plumbing, electrical, ductwork and HVAC repairs, we will inform you if we spot those damages during an inspection so you can schedule any services you need.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

Cleanups for damaged attics and other spaces usually involve removing contaminated insulation and animal waste. We also sanitize the area and treat the space for ectoparasites that can come from an animal’s body, such as ticks, mites or fleas. We also replace damaged or contaminated attic insulation as needed.

The timeline and cost of our services can vary per situation and target animal. If our trapping or removal services  take longer than expected to remove the animal from your home, your rate will stay the same. We don’t charge for extra visits or animals because we aim to provide long-term solutions.

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Treating wildlife concerns sooner rather than later prevents future issues and protects the value of your health, safety and home. Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal is here to help. We handle Alamo Heights wildlife removal within Bexar County and the surrounding San Antonio areas in Texas. One team member will work with you from start to finish. To get started, contact us online or call our team at 210-418-1021 today.