If you see bat droppings, called guano, or hear squawks around your home or commercial property, bats might live inside. Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal understands getting rid of bats is no easy task to do on your own, so we offer expert wildlife trapping and removal services. We know how to safely deal with bats and other species on your property so you can return to normal as soon as possible.

Remove the Bat Manually

If a bat is in your home, close interior doors to keep it in one room. Open an exterior door or window to get the bat to leave on its own. If it doesn’t, do not try to catch and remove it. Do not handle the bat with just your hands, and if you’re bitten or scratched, seek medical attention.

Because of the health risks bats can pose, it’s best to get professional wildlife removal services.

Seal off Entry Points

Identifying and sealing entry points is the first step to removing bats from your property. We find that bats often access buildings through small openings in a structure. Cracks in walls and gaps in rooflines or vents are all possible entry points. Bats often leave guano around their entry points so we can easily spot the places they use to get in and out.

We thoroughly inspect your property to identify and seal the entry points and avoid re-entry. Urban Jungle also offers attic insulation replacement services to repair any damage done by bats. Bats like to scratch away at insulation to get cozy and warm. Worse, bat guano will contaminate the insulation which will neccessitate removal.

What Smell Will Keep Bats Away?

While scents are not proven to keep bats away, some people have tried these scents to deter them:

  • Peppermint or spearmint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Cinnamon

Are Bats Hard to Get Rid Of?

Bats can be persistent, but removing them using safe methods is possible with our team. We approach bat removal with utmost caution and safety measures, ensuring the removal process is harmless. After the inspection, we will seal the potential entry points and install one-way bat valves on the roosting site entries to allow bats to leave but prevent re-entry.

Getting rid of bats in your home can sometimes be a one- to two-week removal process, but your home will be much safer for you and your family. Our professional cleanup and sanitation services will make you feel like the bats were never there in the first place.

Request Bat Removal From Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle offers a one-year warranty on exclusions, sealing jobs and repairs. All our employees have experience removing and handling bats.

Contact us today to remove bats and other unwanted wildlife on your property.