If you’ve been hearing strange scurrying sounds at night or seeing signs like gnaw marks and droppings, you may be dealing with a roof rat or Norway rat infestation. As long as they have access to shelter, food and water, these critters can take up residence in any home, destroying belongings and putting you and your family at risk for harmful diseases.

Where Do Rats Hide in a House?

Because rats are nocturnal, you may not actually see them even if you have an infestation. However, there are still ways you can find a rat’s nest in your house. While rats can scurry inside through an open door, window or garage, they can also squeeze through small holes or cracks in your foundation or walls that you may not even be aware of. Anything from poor sanitation practices to leaving pet food out can attract these unwelcome pests into your home. Even when a homeowner has done everything right, these pests  will still infest the attic, walls, and crawlspaces of the home.

The following are seven of the most common areas where rats live:

  1. Attics
  2. Basements
  3. Crawlspaces
  4. Drains and sewers
  5. Garages
  6. Kitchens
  7. Wall cavities

What Does a Rat’s Nest Look Like?

Rats will often make a nest where they will hide, sleep, store food, or give birth and raise young. Because they are made up of debris like twigs, leaves and insulation, these nests often look similar to those made by birds.

Rat nests are usually piled up and shaped like a ball. One way to differentiate a rat’s nest from a bird’s is by the presence of additional materials — along with outdoor debris, rats will add a wide range of other soft materials like fabric, cardboard or shredded paper.

Protect Your Property With Urban Jungle’s Rat Trapping and Removal Services

Need help figuring out where rats are hiding during the day in your house? Urban Jungle has you covered. Our professional team is trained in how to exclude, repair and seal your home against pesky, uninvited visitors like rats. Because everyone’s rat infestation is different, we’ll come out and inspect your space so we can develop a custom service that works best for you.

Whether you’re dealing with rats in your attic or behind your walls, we’ll stay on the job until they are all gone. We’ll set up the necessary traps and check them regularly — even going into those hard-to-reach spots like crawlspaces to make sure your property is protected.

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