Do you have animal droppings inside or outside of your home or commercial property? This could be a sign critters decided to move in, and wildlife often get cozy in your insulation, resulting in damage.

Can Animals Live in Insulation?

Yes, animals can live in insulation. They love the warmth and coziness of the material. Rodents like to burrow into insulation to create nests to seek shelter. These and other unwanted creatures can infest insulation, which can pose health risks and compromise the structural integrity of the building.

How Do Wild Animals Damage Insulation?

When critters create nests out of insulation, they chew, scratch and rip it up to get into it. The resulting holes and gaps in your insulation make it less effective at retaining your home’s warmth or cooling.

Urban Jungle offers attic insulation replacement services to repair damage caused by wildlife.

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What Animals Damage Insulation?

It can be easy for animals to find their way into your insulation. A few animals that might chew through your insulation to seek shelter and warmth include:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Bats
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Birds

Raccon in attic

Signs Animals Moved In

Wildlife can access your property through small openings in walls, roofs and floors. Even the gaps around your doors can serve as entry points for animals seeking shelter. Some common signs that wildlife moved into your home include:

  • Sagging in your ceiling: Large amounts of debris from nesting and waste can build up over time, resulting in a sagged ceiling.
  • Weird odor: Urine and feces build up over time, resulting in a strange smell permeating throughout your property.
  • Animal droppings: Droppings are usually found near entry points, making it easy for our experts to find wildlife to remove.
  • Animal sounds: An easy way to tell animals found comfort in your property is by listening for scratching, squeaking or scampering. You might also hear rustling in the insulation.

We understand the challenges of finding time for your property upkeep, so we provide wildlife cleanup and sanitation services to ease the burden. This service prevents mold growth, strange odors and damage and helps stop the spread of diseases through infestations. We will inform you if any other repairs need to be done.

Prevent Animals From Damaging Your Insulation With Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal offers services to trap and remove animals from clients’ homes or properties in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas. Our services are custom-made for each home, and we thoroughly explain the process to keep you up to speed.

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