Bats are common in Houston, San Antonio, Austin and the surrounding areas, although seeing them fly around at night can be unnerving. Humans and bats generally coexist peacefully, but when they cross the line and enter our homes and businesses, we must step in.

A local bat removal company like Urban Jungle can help. We offer bat control and removal services to ensure your premises are kept clear of bats.

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What to Expect With Bat Removal Services

When you contact our Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal team for services in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and the surrounding areas, we’ll assign one professionally trained person to assess your home or business and determine where the bats are nesting. In most cases, they find their way into the attic, potentially causing structural damage.

Our removal process is thorough, and we’ll go through it with you so that you understand each step in detail. We will perform the service and explain everything from start to finish, so you’re always updated.

Bat Removal

Once the initial inspection is done, we’ll customize our approach to evict the bats based on where they are nesting. As bats are federally protected, we only use one-way valve allow bats to exit, but to prevent re-entry. If there is a bat inside the living space of your home (or workspace of your business) we can directly remove the bat that is inside; one-way valves will still be required to evict other bats from their roosting sites.

Exclusion and Repair

The exclusion process involves sealing openings so the bats can’t return, although the methods vary based on your requirements. We also repair any damage they’ve done to maintain your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Cleanup and Sanitation

We clean and sanitize the area the bats were occupying to prevent the spread of potential illnesses and diseases they could carry. Droppings and other waste are cleaned, and the area is sanitized to complete the process.

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Benefits of Choosing Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal

By partnering with a reputable wildlife removal company like Urban Jungle, you’ll receive top-quality service and other benefits. They include:

  • No extra charge for additional visits: Our services usually take one to two weeks, but if we haven’t removed the bats after two weeks, we won’t charge for extra trips.
  • Custom, long-term solutions: Each client’s service request differs from the next. That’s why we offer custom and long-term removal solutions.
  • Property protection: By removing droppings and sanitizing the affected areas, we ensure no further damage to your property.
  • Professionally trained employees: All our employees are fully trained with various wildlife biology degrees to safely remove pests.
  • Client safety: Our services help protect your family’s health since bat droppings can be potentially hazardous.


Contact Urban Jungle to Remove Bats From Your Premises

If you suspect you’re dealing with a bat infestation, call Urban Jungle for help. We provide wildlife removal services to our clients in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

You can count on us for efficient, thorough service every time. Call 833-732-0439 for wildlife removal or send an online message. We will contact you to discuss your request.

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