man holding opossum

Getting rid of pests is no easy task. They are resilient, stubborn and persistent, testing your patience with their tenacity and determination. Opossums are no exception.

While professional removal is best for an infestation, there are a few steps you can take on your own to help mitigate issues. Here are a few tips on detering opossums naturally.

What Is the Best Deterrent for Opossums?

Opossums can be beneficial to have outside your home, but you may want to take action if they begin getting into areas that they do not belong. No deterrent is gauranteed to prevent opossum activity. However, if you’ve encountered opossums on your property, you’ll want to make certain they are not getting into your home. You can start with these deterrents.

Cayenne Pepper

The strong, spicy composition of cayenne pepper mixed with water or hot sauce can help deter opossums. Sprinkle or spray it in your garden and around your property to cause mild irritation to their keen sense of smell.

Ammonia Mixture

Ammonia’s potent smell might help keep opossums away. Dilute it with water and ensure you only spray it outside where they tend to roam.

Peppermint Oil Mixture

Another scent opossums  find unpleseant is peppermint. Mix water with peppermint oil and spray it in areas where the animals dwell.

Rodent Repellent Spray

While ineffective with rodents, some opossums dislike rodent repellent sprays. Spray it in affected areas at least twice a week to increase the chance of effectiveness.

Tips for Preventing Opossum Infestation

Prevention is key in keeping opossums away from your home in the first place. Here’s what you can do.

1. Eliminate Food and Shelter Sources

Opossums seek food and shelter in dark, quiet places. Eliminate their access by blocking entries to your home and securing decks, attics and garages.

2. Make Them Feel Threatened

Opossums have natural predators (like dogs, coyotes, and bobcats) they fear. If you have pets, allow them to patrol your yard, especially at night when opossums are active. They’re less likely to access your property with this constant threat.

3. Aim for Exclusion

Most homes have openings and gaps present that opossums can take avantage of and gain access to your attic, crawlspace, or under your deck. These openings should be preventatively excluded to prevent animal entry. If they’ve already gotten in, it’s best to turn to a professional for removal and exclusion to keep them from coming back.

Call Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal for Effective Opossum Removal

While you might be able to keep them at bay on your own, calling a professional wildlife removal company like Urban Jungle is the best, most effective and fastest way to get rid of opossums.

We have the knowledge, training, expertise and skills to remove opossums safely and permanently for your peace of mind. Reach out today to get started.