Pests are often hard to get rid of. What’s worse is when they make your home their own, frequently turning it into a breeding ground with an abundant food supply. One such culprit is the opossum. This nocturnal marsupial may find its way inside your home, although it tends to seek food around your yard first. It’s important to reach out for opossum removal services to deal with these fairly harmless intruders before they become a problem.

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When to Contact Opossum Removal Services

If you notice strange sounds and smells from your garage, attic, crawlspace, or beneath your porch, you may come across an opossum or a family of them. They don’t naturally dig burrows or build dens, so they seek shelter in existing structures. These include empty burrows and uninhabited spaces in your home.

Opossums are not considered dangerous, but they will let you know when they feel threatened. They’ll hiss or growl to ward you off. They might scavenge for food like mice, eggs, garbage and pet food in and around your home. If you spot an opossum, contact professionals to remove it and don’t attempt to do it yourself.


What to Expect With Opossum Removal Services

When you call our expert opossum removal service team, we will inspect your home to check the extent of the issue. We’ll always focus on safely removing and keeping pests away for good. You can expect our educated, trained, thorough team to do the job properly.

Depending on your requirements, we’ll devise a plan of action upon inspection. During the removal or trapping process, we’ll set one-way doors or traps and check on them periodically until they’re caught.

We’ll work closely with you to discuss our other services like exclusion and repair to property damage, clean up and sanitation to keep your home free from parasites and insulation replacement to ensure your home remains in optimal living condition post-removal.

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to keep our clients happy, including:

  • No extra charges for trap checks or multiple animals.
  • Reliable, dependable services with long-term solutions.
  • Employees with biology degrees who understand and care for animals.
  • Full insurance to inspect hard-to-reach areas and entry points in your home.
  • Guaranteed local opossum removal and control, regardless of how long it takes.
  • A dedicated person to oversee the job and explain the process in detail, from start to finish.
  • Warrantied work, including a one-year warranty on sealing with additional warranty purchase options.

We proudly service Houston, Austin, San Antonio and surrounding areas.

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Contact Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal for Opossum Trapping and Removal

When you need opossum control and removal, you’ll get it from Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal. We have been in the business long enough to know what our clients need without assuming their requirements are one-size-fits-all. Each job is tailored to your situation, and we will ensure all parties agree on an action plan before we proceed.

Call us at any of our local branches or complete a request form, and a technician will contact you.

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