Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal, LLC

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Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC can remove NUISANCE ANIMALS FROM YOUR NEW ORLEANS PROPERTY safely and effectively and prevent them from returning. Our services include wildlife exclusion and repairs, wildlife management, trapping and removal, and wildlife sanitation and cleanup. 

Common Pests in New Orleans

Various nuisance animals exist in New Orleans, including ARMADILLOS, NUTRIA, RATS, OPOSSUMS, BIRDS AND SNAKES. However, two of the most common pests are SQUIRRELS AND RACCOONS

Squirrels have a reputation for causing damage to New Orleans properties, especially attics. These rodents will chew on insulation, wires, pipes and wood. Damaged cables can pose a serious fire hazard, just as damaged insulation reduces your home’s heating efficiency. Squirrels might also carry diseases such as ringworm, typhus, tularemia and plague. If you need wildlife removal services for a squirrel invasion in New Orleans and surrounding areas, reach out to Urban Jungle immediately. 

Although raccoons are inquisitive and intelligent creatures, they can prove quite destructive, too. These animals constitute a nuisance to homeowners as they’re known to chew on pipe and wires and rip the insulation off walls. Raccoons also carry diseases like raccoon parvoviral enteritis, canine distemper, rabies and many others.

If you’re facing a raccoon infestation, it’s recommended that you hire a professional wildlife removal company in New Orleans. Trust Urban Jungle to ensure your safety and the safety of your property with high-quality wildlife removal services in New Orleans


Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal stays up to date on all local and current laws and GUARANTEES ANIMAL TRAPPING AND REMOVAL SERVICES that are effective and safe for the environment. We’ll keep you in the loop from the moment we arrive on your property through the job’s completion. 

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Our team of wildlife biologists is trained to search for nuisance animals and remove them as efficiently as possible. 

Depending on the extent of the infestation and how the nuisance animal entered your home, the trapping and removal process can takes an average of one to two weeks. We’ll access those hard-to-reach areas our competitors can’t. Our team will develop a plan to trap and remove nuisance animals that make their way into your home or property. 

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

We’ll assess your property for wildlife entry points and then reinforce or seal openings to prevent animal reentry.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

A wildlife infestation can leave messes on your property. We offer cleanup and sanitation services with top-tier cleaning products to thoroughly sanitize your home. We also offer insulation installation if the animals have damaged your insulation.

Contact Urban Jungle for Removal and Exclusion Services

Want more information about wildlife control and removal services in New Orleans? Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal is a fully licensed and insured wildlife removal company committed to removing nuisance animals like raccoons and squirrels from homes and businesses throughout New Orleans.

If you’re looking to remove nuisance animals from your home or commercial building, count on our team of wildlife biologists for frequent updates and reliable communication, from our initial arrival through job completion.

Reach out today to learn more about Urban Jungle’s trapping and removal services in New Orleans.