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THE CITY OF METAIRIE, LOUISIANA, is situated right between New Orleans and Kenner. Known for its views of Lake Pontchartrain and its Mardi Gras celebrations, this city offers plenty of things to do and see.

Metairie is also home to several different kinds of wildlife. If you suspect that an uninvited animal has taken up residence in your home, Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC is here to help.

Common Wildlife in Metairie

Most of the wildlife infestations in Metairie are due to SQUIRRELS, RACCOONS, BATS, SNAKES AND RODENTS LIKE MICE OR RATS. At Urban Jungle, we understand the mannerisms of the common types of wildlife in the area, so we can accurately identify which animal you’re dealing with.

No matter which of these critters has made its way into your home or business, our team will work to promptly remove them and prevent animals from entering again. By developing a customized plan, you can trust that our wildlife experts will do everything it takes to remove your intruder.

Metairie Wildlife Removal Services

Ensuring your home or business is wildlife-free is easier than ever with the help of our trained team. All of our employees understand how to trap and handle animals and treat your home afterward to remove contamination.

With services designed to extract animals and prevent wildlife re-entry, Urban Jungle ensures you and YOUR FAMILY WILL BE SAFE AND COMFORTABLE YEAR-ROUND.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

If you have an active wildlife infestation, our team can trap and remove the unwanted visitors. Because each situation is unique, we’ll develop a plan based on what we discover during your evaluation.

While most trapping and removal services take around one to two weeks, our team will continue working to remove the animal from your home, attic or crawlspace — for no extra charge — however long it takes to complete the job.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs


Experiencing damage from a wildlife infestation? Our exclusion and repair services will resolve the issue. Once our team has removed the animal and made all the necessary repairs, we’ll make sure all entry points are sealed to prevent future wildlife from getting inside your home.

Throughout the entire process, we’ll maintain the aesthetics of your property and ensure openings remain functional.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

To rid your home of leftover feces, urine and debris, we also offer cleanup and sanitizing services. We can also install additional insulation to your attic. Our team understands how to safely remove these hazardous substances, ensuring you and your family are kept safe.

If necessary, we also offer dead animal removal services.

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Protect Your Home With Urban Jungle

With Urban Jungle on your side, you can take steps to remove uninvited wildlife from your home or business and prevent them from entering again. Contact our Metairie wildlife removal company today to get started on a long-term solution.