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MANDEVILLE IS A TOWN WITH RICH HISTORY DATING BACK TO THE 1800S. While this waterfront town is full of fine dining and shopping boutiques, it is most well-known for its vibrant natural beauty. It offers its residents an ideal location to take in the great outdoors while enjoying its modern amenities.

If you find unwanted animals entering your home, Urban Jungle can help you! We are the go-to wildlife removal services in Mandeville and are equipped to provide you with lasting results.

What Wildlife Can You Find in Mandeville?

The natural landscape that residents admire is also home to wildlife. Common animals in this area include BATS, RACCOONS, SQUIRRELS, OPOSSUMS, ARMADILLOS, BIRDS AND RATS. 

At Urban Jungle, our wildlife team is made up of professionals with degrees in biology or related fields. Each member has the knowledge and training to develop customized plans to remove wildlife from your home. Our services will last as it takes to ensure your home is free of unwanted animals.

Wildlife Removal Services in Mandeville, LA

At Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC, we will provide you with long-lasting animal removal services. Our services involve proven strategies to locate and extract unwanted animals. You’ll start with a home inspection and continue with our team, who will WALK WITH YOU STEP BY STEP.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Following our initial evaluation, our team will create a plan of action to ensure that we remove all the wildlife from your home. Once that plan is in place, we will check in every one to three days to receive updates on the progress. Our professionals are fully insured, so we can get into those hard-to-reach spots that animals love to occupy.

The process typically takes one to two weeks to complete. However, while our team seals and excludes your home will continue to trap as needed, at no extra cost, until we remove every animal. We also provide emergency wildlife removal in Mandeville for animals that pose an immediate threat.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

At Urban Jungle, our services go beyond the standard practices of a Mandeville wildlife removal company. Our goal is to provide you with permanent solutions.

We provide exclusion and repair services to prevent future infestations. Our team will inspect your property for potential entry points and seal them up to stop other animals from entering. You can have confidence in what we do with our minimum one-year warranty on all of our exclusion services.

Our qualified team can make any repairs to damaged or contaminated insulation. If we find damage we cannot address, such as HVAC or plumbing concerns, we will recommend the necessary repairs.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

When wild animals find their way into your home, they can leave behind large messes and damage that can be hazardous to your family.

Urban Jungle has the tools and training required to cautiously and efficiently clean and sanitize messes created by unwanted animals. If the uninvited wildlife has damaged your insulation, our staff is fully equipped to install new insulation to ensure your electrical bill is not also impacted by the wildlife.

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At Urban Jungle, we want you to feel safe and comfortable in your home. Our services can restore your house to an animal-free environment and successfully protect it from future infestations.

Looking for wildlife control in Mandeville? Contact our team today to get schedule an initial evaluation!