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COVINGTON IS A CHARMING TOWN WITH A DEEP HISTORY FULL OF EXCITING ATTRACTIONS. Its location on the merging of three popular rivers makes this area a compelling destination for many, including wildlife. If unwanted animals appear in your home or business, you need reliable wildlife control services. 

Urban Jungle is a Covington, LA, wildlife removal company dedicated to solving your animal infestation problems. We set ourselves apart from other companies with long-term solutions that protect your property against future infestations. 

Popular Wildlife Species in Covington

Many Covington residents have experienced run-ins with animals like BATS, RACCOONS, SQUIRRELS, RATS, OPOSSUMS AND SNAKES. If these animals get into your home, they can damage your electrical wiring, insulation, pipes and other fixtures. 

Our staff members are experts in their fields, going through extensive training and holding degrees in biology or related disciplines. Training and education provide the information they need to deal with any unwanted animal they find in your home. 

Wildlife Removal Services in Covington, LA

When you choose Urban Jungle for your wildlife removal in Covington, LA, you will work one-on-one with our experienced professionals to address your needs. We offer various services to REMOVE AND PREVENT INFESTATIONS FROM TAKING PLACE IN YOUR HOME IN THE FUTURE. 

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

We start every job with an initial inspection to discover how the animals entered your home and what destruction occurred. After this inspection, your dedicated professional will design a custom plan and set traps around your home. Our team is fully insured, allowing them to access vents and crawl spaces to ensure every part of your home is animal-free. 

These jobs typically last one to two weeks, where our professionals will use our tried and true trapping and removal strategies. In cases where resolving an infestation takes longer, while we are sealing and excluding the animals entry points, our team will continue trapping until the job is done and will never charge extra. 

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

As a top wildlife removal company in Covington, Urban Jungle offers long-term solutions to keep your home free of unwanted animals in the future. Once we know how wildlife is entering your home, we will close any access points throughout the job and repair any damage caused. We will also reinforce weakened areas or potential entry points, to prevent wildlife issue in your home. If there is anything we can’t fix, we’ll recommend someone who can!

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

An animal infestation can lead to sizeable messes throughout your home. Droppings, urine and debris can build up and put your family at risk for fleas, ticks and diseases like Leptospirosis. Cleaning these messes up yourself can be risky and often unproductive. At Urban Jungle, we train our professionals in top cleaning and sanitation procedures with the tools and cleaning products to get the job done right! Our staff is also equipped to install new insulation in cases where the wildlife has irreparably damaged the old insulation.

Keep Your Home Critter Free With Urban Jungle

Are you looking for trusted animal removal services in Covington, Louisiana? At Urban Jungle, we are ready to help you protect your home from uninvited animals and prevent future infestations. Submit our contact form to get in touch with our team and schedule an inspection today!