Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal, LLC

Baton Rouge’s trusted wildlife removal company

Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal LLC is a locally-owned and -operated wildlife removal company SERVICNG HOME AND BUSINESS OWNERS THROUGHOUT BATON ROUGE and surrounding areas. Every member of our team of wildlife biologists specializes in animal trapping and wildlife removal services, targeting mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

Common Pests in Baton Rouge

Common pests you may encounter in Baton Rouge include RACCOONS, SQUIRRELS, RODENTS, BATS AND OPOSSUMS. Other wildlife you may encounter in this area include:

  • SKUNKS: We’re experts in skunk control. Our team will inspect your entire property to find the animal, including the deck, shed, porch, and ground to roof. Skunks usually invade Baton Rouge yards in search of a safe place to burrow or find food. Foundations, patios and sheds make ideal burrowing locations that damage your property. Always call a professional wildlife removal company to handle or trap skunks that invade your premises.
  • NUTRIA: Nutria, also known as swamp beavers or swamp rats, can cause damage to shoreline vegetation. Nutria chew on plant roots that hold wetland soil together. They also like to chew on the roots of crops, plants and trees around your home. Urban Jungle will conduct a thorough search of your property to look for ditches, banks, holes in your yard, and other signs of nutria.
  • BEAVERS: Considered the largest rodent in North America, beavers tend to target a single area consistently, developing visible mudslides where they repeatedly enter and exit water areas. Nuisance beavers in Baton Rouge represent a tremendous liability and we can remove them through legal beaver control.


Wild animals may venture into your home or business to try to stay warm and dry. At Urban Jungle, we’re committed to TRAPPING AND EVACUATING NUISANCE ANIMALS from companies, local businesses and homes throughout Baton Rouge.

Count on Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal for several dependable wildlife removal services.

Wildlife Trapping and Removal

We will trap and remove wildlife effectively, safely and promptly.

Wildlife Exclusion and Repairs

Urban Jungle Wildlife Removal performs commercial and residential property repairs to prevent wildlife from returning to or reentering the area. Our team will return periodically to reinforce weak points and ensure you and your property are protected in the long term.

Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation

Unwanted animals can defecate or leave other messes in and around your property. Urban Jungle offers top-tier cleanup and disinfectant treatments that protect against the transmission of diseases these animals may carry. We also offer insulation installation to reinsulate your home following wildlife removal.

Learn More About Wildlife Cleanup and Sanitation Services From Urban Jungle

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